Wonderful Day Tour in Bali with Aaron & family's

Wonderful Day Tour in Bali with Aaron & family's
Thank you so much Kay & Nigel for your kindly recommended to Aaron & families. Aaron contact us by email a week before coming to Bali. I pick up Aaron & families at Bali Airport in the evening and drive to the beautiful private villa at Seminyak.

They stay at the beautiful private villa for 6 night, most they are staying at the villa and walk out around the Seminyak area. For the second trip, I pick up Aaron and family from the villa at Seminyak drive to Ubud for a week holiday at another private villa at Ubud.

Aaron wife decided to stop on the way to the Villa, his children want to stop at Bali bird park. At Bali bird park I accompany Aaron and family walked around, they take some photos there and his children like very much to saw a lot of kind bird from Indonesia. Take two hours there, Aaron decided to continue the trip. On the way to the villa in Ubud, Aaron and family decided to have lunch at the local restaurant. After they have a lunch, Aaron wants to try Luwak coffee.

He is very like the coffee but his wife like a tea. After one hour at Coffee plantation, we continue to go to the private villa in Ubud area. Thank you so much, Aaron and family, for the trip today, Have a nice holiday in Ubud Bali. For the third trip, Aaron and family decided to visit Bali safari and marine park.

I pick up in the morning at the private villa at Ubud area, take drive around an hour from Ubud to Bali safari and marine park. Aaron and his children enjoyed and very happy to visited Bali Safari and marine park, they took a lot of photos there and also some selfie photos with the animal.

Take more than seven hours at Bali Safari and marine park, Aaron and family decided back to the villa at Ubud because his children look very tired for the long day. For the fourth trip, I pick up Aaron and families at a private villa at Ubud drive to Jimbaran Bali for the next hotel.

Thank you so much Aaron, Alanah, Phoebe, Jack and Ash for being your driver during a holiday in Bali. I’m a very pleasure you support a local private driver, thank you again for Nigel and Kay for your kindness to me and my family. I always do the best for every clients you gave to me. Looking forward to see you again for near future
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