Amazing day tour in Bali with Chris and family

Amazing day tour in Bali with Chris and family
Thank you so much Chris, you are have found me from Trip Advisor and trusted me to drive during your holiday in Bali.

The first day I drove you to Jimbaran beach to had grill seafood. I took them to the best seafood restaurant in Jimbaran beach. They are very satisfied with the food and very enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant.

For the second trip, I pick up Chris in Ubud hotel and drove to the hotel in around Jimbaran. For the next trip, I pick up Chris & Family in the afternoon. They are have planning to visit south Bali area, the first place to visit is Padang - Padang beach. That beach getting busier because of that beach used for shooting the movie ‘Eat, Pray and Love’last 3 years.

Chris & family enjoyed the beach in about 2 hours there. After visiting Padang - Padang beach, we are ready to visit Uluwatu temple. Uluwatu temple is the most favorite attraction temple in Bali. Uluwatu take from to word, Ulu and Watu.

Ulu is a mean corner and Watu is mean Cliff that temple located in the corner of the cliff. I took many beautiful pictures for them and also some selfie picture together.
I saw them very happy with the trip but they are the little bit scary about the naughty monkey in that area.

The last trip we visited today is Ulu cliff house beach club, in that place, Chris & family spend more than 3 hours there. Ulu Cliff house beach club is new beach club in Uluwatu area, Chris & family swim and had some early dinner there. The view was great from that beach club to make Chris & family realize the time goes very fast than ready back to the hotel at Jimbaran area.

Thank you so much Chris & family for everything, and also thank you so much for your kind recommendation to Michael, Gavin and Mrs.Linh Lu

I really appreciate it
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