Two Memorable Days with Donna Delaney & family for Bali Holiday Tour

Two Memorable Days with Donna Delaney & family for Bali Holiday Tour
Dona Delaney is a friend of Carolyn, my loyal customer from Brisbane. Thank you very much Carolyn, You always introduce me to very good new people. That day I picked Donna Delaney in a hotel in Kuta area, with a very good holiday with her two children. From Kuta Dona and her son went straight to Batubulan Village to watch the Barong dance performance. Her daughter and her son really enjoyed the dance.

Because this was his first experience. After the barong dance was over, Donna continued her journey to Celuk Village to see silversmith. After 30 minutes of seeing the silver, Donna continued her journey to see a coffee plantation. There Donna saw a coffee plantation that was very beautiful and also used the traditional way of processing coffee, after seeing the process Donna also tried it.

She was very impressed and decided to buy some traditional Bali coffee packages. After that Donna headed to Monkey Forest, a very famous tourist attraction in Bali, it is still located in Ubud area, Monkey Forest is a tourist forest protected and is the habitat of 4 large groups of monkey species. The monkeys there are very friendly. You can even take a photo together. After they are have finished visiting Monkey Forest, we go to Tegalalang Village, to see the next beautiful place, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, initially, Dona and her children want to explore the beautiful and wide rice fields.

But because they are was tired it was just looking from above while enjoying lunch. Nearly one hour there we finally proceeded to visit the next beautiful place, the Bali swing. The cowardly do not try to ride this swing.

Because swinging above the height requires maximum courage. But the three of them are very cool, I also had time to capture it through photos. Because the three of them were very exhausted, they finally decided to return to the hotel. Today is my second trip with Dona Delaney, today's plan is to only visit Finn Beach Club Bali, located on Canggu Beach. Because today the weather is not good they are only a short time there and back to the hotel.

Today is my last trip with Donna Delaney, thank you very much Dona Delaney, Chloe & Hyden you are very kind I might not be able to forget you, hopefully, someday we can meet again, say hello to your family in Australia
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