Wonderful day with india honeymoon couple Philip & Nethu

Wonderful day with india honeymoon couple Philip & Nethu
Its first time I met with Philip and Nethu, they both very nice and friendly couple. For trip today Philip and Nethu start early morning because they want to go trekking at mount batur.

Before trekking Philip and Nethu having a breakfast after that they are ready for trekking spend 1,5 hours until to the top of mount batur. Philip and Nethu back from trekking mount batur in about 9 clock hope you are happy enjoyed for climmbing mount batur to see beautiful sunrise.

After that we continue go to see beautiful rice terrace at Tegalalang village,very happy accompany you and happy to take you some pictures.I hope you like it Philip and Nethu.After they are satisfied look for ricefield Philip and Nethu continue they are trip to Tegenungan waterfall,just a moment there Philip and Nethu decided to have a lunch at Local re staurant.... I hope you like the food Philip and Nethu,you can tell your friends bali not only have attraction place but bali also have many delicious foods.

After had a lunch Philip and Nethu going for body massage in around kuta,I think they are very tired for the trip today. After 2 hours at SPA,Philip and Nethu back to villa at Seminyak for rest and continue they honeymoon in Bali.

Thank you so much Philip and Nethu for job today,look forward to see you again for next holiday at Paradise island,please tell all your friends about bali
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