Bali Day Tour with Mrs. Julia

Bali Day Tour with Mrs. Julia
Thank you very much, Mrs. Julia has given me the opportunity to meet again. For this holiday to Bali, Mrs.Julia and her relatives in the office where she works. First, we met 1 year ago Mrs. Julia came to Bali with her family.
I was very happy to be able to meet with Mrs. Julia, she just ordered a day tour because the next day she would join and have an event with her friends.

For this tour, Mrs. Julia told me to arrange a program for one tour not far from where she stayed at Nusadua.
I suggested this tour to be different from the previous tour. Mrs. Julia decided to be picked up at the hotel in Nusadua at 8 am, to avoid traffic jams and the sun's heat.

The first place that Mrs.Julia visited was Gunung Payung beach, only 25 minutes from Nusadua. The place was very beautiful but it was still empty of visitors because the beach was just opened. Mrs.Julia was very happy there, she could freely take photos on this beach. After a while enjoying Kuta Beach, Mrs. Julia made her trip to a favorite place to take photos of used aircraft backgrounds. I deliberately recommended this place because Mrs.Julia was very fond of photos. Moreover, photos with very different backgrounds, hopefully, Mrs. Julia likes to recommend me. After that, Mrs. Julia visited Pandawa Beach, this place is already very famous. I think all the tourists who have been to Bali have visited this place.

After almost 1 hour at Pandawa Beach, Mrs. Julia continued her trips to try local food. I recommend a Warung around Nusa Dua, fortunately, Mrs. Julia likes ... after trying local food Mrs. Julia continued her culinary experience.

Heading to a place that sells very good ice cream and of course is already very famous. The place was named gelato ice cream in Seminyak area. After enjoying ice cream Mrs. Julia switched to another culinary, she wanted to drink coffee I drove to a place called Revolver Coffee still in Seminyak. Thank you very much, Mrs. Julia, you always trust me to be your driver and tour guide while in Bali. See you again on your next visit with your family
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