Bali Honeymoon: A week with a new friend from American Peter & Cecilia

Bali Honeymoon: A week with a new friend from American Peter & Cecilia
Very happy met new friend again, thanks Sam & Alex for your kind recommendation.
Thank you for all my customer always support me. The first day, I pick up Peter & Cecilia in Bali airport to the hotel in Seminyak area.

For the second day, I pick up Peter & Cecilia in the early morning they are want to enjoy south Bali to visit some beautiful beaches. The first destination we visit “Puja Mandala” located at Nusadua take a drive about 1,5 hours from Seminyak. Puja mandala is complex five religious sites in Bali.

The next destination is Pandawa beach the famous new beach in Bali, more than a thousand tourists visited this beach but most tourist come from Indonesia. Peter & Cecilia enjoyed sunbathing at the beach, in about 2 hours there and ready to go to Uluwatu the next destinations.

From Pandawa beach to Uluwatu temple take a drive of about 45 minutes, Peter & Cecilia enjoyed the panorama Uluwatu cliff temple and so many pictures they taking there. I help to take pictures of them and also selfie photos together. Peter & Cecilia feel tired and decided to go back to the hotel in Seminyak.

For the third day I pick up Peter & Cecilia at Seminyak and check out from the hotel and move to north Ubud but before check in the hotel, Peter & Cecilia visit Bali swing at Bongkasa village. So amazing Cecilia brave to try the Swing, and I so scared to try the extreme activity. I’m so lucky got some good picture for both of them. After some hours there Peter & Cecilia continue they are trip to visit monkey forest, coffee plantation and Batuan Temple than check in to the beautiful villa nearby Tegalalang rice terrace.

The fourth day Peter & Cecilia visited Tegalalang rice terrace, they are enjoyed to visit the large rice field and some good picture they take there. The next place Peter & Cecilia visited is Penglipuran village and bamboo forest. Penglipuran village is a traditional village in Bali with beautiful gates every house. Most of the village people are very friendly with a very nice environment. After that Peter & Cecilia visited Cepung waterfall (hidden waterfall)in about 45 minutes drive from Penglipuran village.

I recommend Peter & Cecilia to swim in the waterfall because the water is very clear but Peter & Cecilia said “ no the water is very cool”, I'm smiling only. It is time for lunch, I take Peter & Cecilia to have a lunch at Small warung to try Balinese food. I’m very proud to introduce Balinese foods to my every customer. After having a lunch at Warung, Peter & Cecilia move to another hotel again in the south of Ubud.

The fifth day Peter & Cecilia go to trekking mount Batur, so I must pick up the early morning. After arrived at start point Peter & Cecilia had breakfast first and ready go to trekking mount Batur with a local guide. After arriving at finish point, Peter & Cecilia feel tired and decided to go back to the hotel to have a rest before continue they are trip to the visited night market to explore Balinese culinary. Peter & Cecilia want to try Babi Guling (Suckling pig) the famous Balinese food in Bali.

The last trip for Peter & Cecilia in Bali, they want to know a good beach in Bali. I recommended the beach in Nusadua area, they are very happy to enjoy the beach atmosphere. In about 3 hours at the beach, Peter & Cecilia feel hungry and I recommended my favorite local Warung that not far from the airport because after having lunch Peter & Cecilia prepare them self to the airport.

Thank you so much, Peter & Cecilia, you trusted me to drive you around during a week in Bali. Thank you always support me and you like everything about Bali. Say my warm greeting to Sam & Alex. And See you again another day in Bali.
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