Nusa Penida tour with new client from Kalkuta, India

Nusa Penida tour with new client from Kalkuta, India
Firstly, big thank for Mr.Dipankar Ghosh & families for your kindly recommended to Mr. Dhruba & family.

I pick up Mr.Dhruba & families at the airport. They booked for Nusa Penida tour the day after pick up them at the Airport in the night time. For a tour to the Nusa Penida, I pick up very early in the morning around 6:30 am because from the Sanur beach it takes about 45 minutes of traveling using a fast boat to the Nusa Penida.

I am the one who accompanied Mr.Dhruba & family to Nusa Penida. They chose the west island tour for travel to Nusa Penida. Arriving at the Nuda Penida around 9 a.m., it's been waiting for the driver who's gonna drive us on our trip.

The first place we go to is Kelingking beach. It takes 40 minutes to travel from the dock to that beach but the road is very bumpy. Up at the destination, we were suspended with a very beautiful and natural view of the beach. We were very lucky because the weather was very sunny today.

There Mr.Dhruba & the family took many photos, I helped him to take photos with the families. About 30 minutes there, it's time to continue on to Angel Billabong & Broken Beach. It takes approximately 40 minutes' drive to get there. Also suspended the bumpy road during the journey. Arriving at Angel Billabong Mr.Dhruba & the family took many photographs there.

Because the distance from angel billabong and the Broken beach is very close to me and Mr.Dhruba & family are walking there. In broken beach the scene is beautiful. Mr.Dhruba & family many perpetuate photos there, I helped get you a lot of photos there. After approximately 45 minutes there, we decided to continue on to the last place of his name Crystal Bay.

Because it's noon we decided to have lunch before to Crystal Bay. It takes approximately 20 minutes' drive from a local restaurant to crystal bay.
Crystal Bay's a very good place to snorkeling until there we've prepared the tools for snorkeling. There Mr.Dhruba & the snorkeling family and swimming, the water is very clear. For an hour there, we decided to return to the docks because the fast boat was waiting there to return again to the Bali island.

It takes about 45 minutes from Nusa Penida to Sanur harbor. A very pleasant and tiring journey, may they enjoy this new journey and experience.
Thank you so much Mr.Dhruba & families for trusted me to organize your trip to Nusa Penida island tour.

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