Very happy to meet Ravern Koh for the second time in Bali

Very happy to meet Ravern Koh for the second time in Bali
Three years ago was the first meeting in Bali, at that time Ravern had a vacation in Bali with his family's. For his visit to Bali this time, Ravern Koh came with his friends. Ravern Koh compiled his tour program during a vacation to Bali with his friends.

The first-day Ravern Koh was picked up by my cousin, and immediately that afternoon left for East Java. The main goal is the Ijen Crater. More than 7 hours drive from Bali airport to get there, so you can get there in the middle of the night. Approximately 3 hours around the crater of Ijen, Ravern Koh and his friends decided to take a break for a while before backing to Bali.

For the second day, I picked up Ravern Koh and his friends at the hotel in the Nusadua area. For the tour this time Ravern Koh decided to visit Bali Safari and Marine Park. After almost 7 hours there, I also helped show directions in Bali Safari. It was late, I suggested visiting the night market in Gianyar for dinner.

There, it is famous for its traditional cuisine. Ravern Koh and his friends are very happy and love Balinese specialties that are a little spicy. For the third day, Ravern Koh and his friends decided to rafting on the Telaga Waja River which is famous for its clear water and beautiful nature.

After almost 3 hours there, we continue our journey to the Seminyak area. For the fourth day, Ravern and friends visited a bird park in Singapadu village. After 2 hours there, I drove them to lunch.

After that we went to Seminyak again, to try the very famous gelato ice cream place.
For the fifth day, I picked up Ravern Koh and friends a bit late because the tour today didn’t take long.

The first place to visit is Tanjung Benoa, which is famous for water sports.
After water sports lunch at a local place and after that continue the journey to the beach of Padang-Padang which always crowded visitors.

After about 1 hour there, Ravern Koh and friends decided to enjoy and see the sunset at Uluwatu Temple. We are very lucky because the sunset is beautiful and the weather is very bright.

The sixth and last day of the tour before returning to Singapore. Ravern Koh and friends go to the Padang Bai area for snorkeling. A very famous place for snorkeling there is the Blue lagoon and Tanjung Jepun. We are less fortunate today than the big waves and lots of jellyfish in the ocean. We cannot predict this nature.

After about 2 hours there, Ravern Koh and friends decided to have lunch at a local warung. After lunch, Rovern Koh and friends continued their journey to visit Kanto Lampo Waterfall. After there we continued the trip to the Ubud area for culinary. After about 2 hours in Ubud, Ravern Koh and friends decided to return to the hotel in Nusa Dua.

Thank you very much Ravern Koh and friends for trusting us for the second time to take you around in Bali.

I hope you had a wonderful time.
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