Three Days with my Customer Mrs. Marilou and her family from Singapore

Three Days with my Customer Mrs. Marilou and her family from Singapore
Thank you very much for entrusting during your vacation in Bali. The first day I picked up Marilou in a hotel in Nusa Dua area he just wanted to take a walk around Kuta. The first thing Mrs.Marilou did was a massage at a spa in Jimbaran, after that Marilou wanted to have his choice of lunch fell on a local warung called Ayam Betutu khas Gilimanuk. Very delicious is very famous in Bali.

Thank you, Marilou, you have supported Bali local warung. After that, Mrs.Marilou & family continued the journey to the shop that sells by typical Bali. After a while there, Marilou continued his trip to Seminyak. The place for shopping lovers, besides Seminyak, is also famous for its beautiful beaches.
The second day I picked Marilou back, today Marilou will visit South Bali. The first place is Puja Mandala. Here there are 5 places of worship for all people in Indonesia.

The next place is Pandawa Beach, a paradise for beaches lover. Amazing place. Marilou did not forget to capture the photos there. After that, Marilou visited other beautiful beaches, namely Padang Padang Beach, about 30 minutes from Pandawa Beach, but before going there Marilou had lunch first at a local warung "Cikgo".

Finally, we arrive at Padang Padang beach, to head to the beach we first go down the stairs about 10 minutes from above. After arriving below you will be fascinated by the beauty of this beach, so too Marilou is very happy there. The last place today is Uluwatu Kecak Sunset, a very romantic place. Uluwatu Temple is a holy place in Bali but opened to tourists. Be careful too, because monkey monkeys are very naughty. Thanks for today Mrs.Marilou and Family. You really appreciate all the places you visit.

On the third day I picked up Marilou at the hotel and today Marilou will leave to stay in Ubud about 2 hours from Nusadua. But before checking in Marilou make trips first To visit other places in Bali, the first place is the Tegalalang rice terrace, a favorite rice field in Bali, Marilou takes lots of photos there because they love the beauty of nature.

After that Marilou visited Coffe Plantation, there Marilou saw how to make traditional coffee making methods. Of course, the taste was different from coffee with modern machines. Marilou and family are very happy and will be an unforgettable memory. After visiting a coffee plantation, continuing trips again to a spa in Ubud area, I just waited for them outside. After that, Marilou had dinner at a very famous restaurant in Bali "Nuris" before finally checking in at the hotel in Ubud.

Thank you for these 3 very pleasant days, you are a very happy family, so lucky to be able to meet good people like you, thank you also other, good people, Mrs. Anna Eng, thank you, you always send good customers. See you again at your next visit Thank you for always supporting Tour Driver Bali.

Best regards
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