Such a fun day with Wendy and Jessie a new friend from America

Such a fun day with Wendy and Jessie a new friend from America
I know Wendy and Jessie from a friend name Ben Lee, we made an appointment at a hotel in the area around Bingin (South Bali) to do a trip. After meeting many things we talked about it turned out they were both very pleasant people.

The first place that Jessie and Wendy visit with me is turtle conservation in Serangan Bali area. But Wendy and Jessie are less fortunate that the place is closed because there is a ceremony after that we decide to continue to the next destination, Potato head is a beach club that is very famous in Bali, located on the beach in the Seminyak area. After a few hours there Wendy and Jessie decided to return to the hotel.

My second day together Wendy and Jessie were to take them to move the hotel to a hotel in the area of Ubud area. But before check-in, Wendy and Jessie made a trip first. The place they visited wasSanurr area Bali orchid and butterfly garden.there are many things that Wendy and Jessie do in Sanur.starting from lunch and shopping, while in Bali orchid and butterfly garden, just go around and take photos. After that, Wendy and Jessie directly check in at the hotel.

And today is my last day with Wendy and Jessie. I take Wendy and Jessie to visit several places around Bedugul, starting from Wana Giri Hiden Hill where it is very beautiful we also had time to take photos together, It was great to feel that finally I could take pictures with them, need a bit of struggle. The next place we visited was Candi Bentar ( gate to heaven ). this is also one of the most favorite photo spots in Bali, even this place is never empty.

Of course, Wendy and Jessie also did not miss to take photos there. The next beautiful place that Wendy and Jessie the visit was Baratan Lake, this place was never empty and is a place that must be visited during a vacation in Bali. After a while there we continued our journey to jatiluwih rice terrace, the rural atmosphere was still felt there made us feel at home to linger there even wendy and Jessie decided to have lunch there. I am very happy to see my customer happy and enjoying their holiday. It was late afternoon, finally, Wendi and Jesi went back to the hotel. Thank you, I won't be able to forget your kindness. Thank you also for making me part of your vacation, tell all the people about Bali to people you know around the world, hopefully, we can meet again next time, give my greetings to your family.
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