Visit the beautiful East Bali with the Sweet Girl Nicole from Germany

Visit the beautiful East Bali with the Sweet Girl Nicole from Germany
Today around 7:30 a.m. I picked up Ms.Nicole at a hotel in Nusa Dua area. Nichol planned to visit East Bali,I recommend some beautiful places in East Bali, but Nicole chose to visit Blue Lagoon because Nicole really liked the sea. Blue Lagoon is a white sandy beach located in the Manggis District of Karangasem Regency.

Blue lagoon is famous for its underwater beauty which is dominated by colorful ornamental fish and soft corals. Maybe because of that this place is often said by divers as a paradise. And the Nicole will try to Snorkling on this white sand beach. From two islands it takes about 2 hours, quite far but does not reduce the spirit of Nicole to snorkeling. After getting there, Nicole prepares himself with his Snorkeling equipment.

Sorry, Nicole I not accompanied you because I could not swim jam. Nearly 2 hours I waited for the Snorkeling Nicole, I was sleepy but I was still excited because Nicole really liked this place. And I did not forget to capture the moment by taking a picture together. We also continued the journey to Kintamani village but in the middle of the trip, I invited Nicole to try typical food from Bali, namely Sukling pig in a small shop in Menang village.

After that, I invited Nicole to visit my father-in-law, about 2 kilometers from the Suckling pig warung. It happened that my wife and child were there to attend the religious ceremony. Nicole was very happy to be able to enjoy the simple panorama of the countryside, besides that Nicole was also very happy to see my mother-in-law's pet cow, nicole also tried salak fruit on our small plantation.

And before continuing the trip I forgot Nicole tried the Ginjer Tea made by my father-in-law. The tourist places that Nicole visited next were Mount Batur and Lake Batur, only a short time there just enjoying the atmosphere and taking some photos. The next place is Kehen Temple, the Kehen temple itself is an ancient temple that has been in Bali since the 9th century and of course, there are many historical values in it. Kehen temple is located in the Cempaga village, Bangli district, about 1 hour from downtown Denpasar. The day was late afternoon Nicole looked exhausted with the trip today so we decided to return to the hotel.

Thank you, Nicole, I am very fortunate to be a part of your holiday in Bali, please tell your friends all over the world all about Bali, and do not forget greetings for your family.
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