Special Bali tour with Mrs. Mijung Joo from Korea and his family

Special Bali tour with Mrs. Mijung Joo from Korea and his family
Today around 10 am I pick up Mrs. Mijung Joo and family at Novotel airport, this hotel is still in the Ngurah Rai Bali airport area. On the first day, his visit was opened by Mrs. Mijung Joo and the family chose to visit a place with a very wide view of the rice fields and certainly very beautiful to see. This place is called Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

Tegalalang rice terrace is one of the favorite places to be opened, so the tourist is obliged to visit this place if they visit Bali. Today I guide Mrs. Mijung Joo and family fortunately along the vast expanse of rice fields. Your fatigue will pay off when you are standing in the middle of a beautiful expanse of rice fields with so cool air. I help Mrs. Mijung Joo and family to take photos to capture their memory. And I did not forget to take a picture together, I keep it as a memory with Mrs. Mijung Joo and family. Almost two hours there, our stomach was hungry, finally, we chose to eat in a restaurant around the area.

The next favorite places that Mrs. Mijung Joo and family visit are monkey forest, this place is located in the village of Ubud, as the name implies this place is a custom-made habitat for the monkeys. There are even about 850 monkeys living here, the monkey is also very friendly to take photos together. Not only that, but Ubud monkey forest is also home to 115 species of trees. So travelers must visit this place. Mrs. Mijung's children are very happy to be in this place, they can interact directly with the monkeys here, maybe they have never felt before. And I did not forget to help take lots of their photos.

It was already late afternoon, Mrs. Mijung's wife and children also looked exhausted, so Mrs. Mijung decided to stay at the Nusa Dua Bali area. It was the right choice, Mrs. Mijung and his family chose a beautiful hotel with the most complete accommodation. Thank you very much, Mrs. Mijung Joo and family, for visiting my website and trusting me to accompany you while in Bali. Thanks also for the gift for my wife, she is very happy. I am waiting for you to visit Bali next time.
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