Met again with our repeater Australian customer as like as family

Met again with our repeater Australian customer as like as family
Today I pick up Mr.Ivan and Mrs.Dianne at the airport then go to the hotel. They stay in Bali for 2 weeks, I'm very glad to meet with them.
They are not often making a day trip, mostly they are relaxed and enjoy they are the holiday on the beach in the front of the hotel.

For the second trip, Mr.Ivan and Mrs.Dianne only visit Kuta and around for shopping and having a lunch there because of many choice delicious restaurants.

For the third trip, it is the first time Mr.Ivan and Mr.Dianne during I met with them. I pick up them in the morning, on our way to Hot spring they decide to stop at Coffee plantation to try any kind of coffee and especially in Bali is Luwak coffee. After some hour there Mr.Ivan and Mrs.Dianne continue to go to Hot spring, I recommended the most beautiful and famous hot spring near mount and lake Batur. They are very enjoyable and also got they are lunch there. Spend time 2 hours, Mr.Ivan and Mrs.Dianne ready to go to see the sunset at the Rock bar, take drive around 2 hours from hot spring to rock bar. We are arrived on time till there, they are very happy. Mr.Ivan and Mrs.Dianne said sunset was awesome, they are having dinner while looking sunset there. Time goes very fast, they are decided to go back to the hotel. I think they are very tired because is a long day to them.

For the fourth day, Mr.Ivan and Mrs.Dianne go to Kuta again. Almost all day in Kuta, because of the favorite place for them. Kuta is paradise for shopping traveler.

For the last day, I pick up Mr.Ivan and Mrs.Dianne in the afternoon go to the airport ready back to Australia.

Thank you so much Mr.Ivan and Mrs.Dianne you always remember and trusted me every you coming to Bali. Since 7 years first met with you, I never forgot your kindness to me and you always recommend me to your friends and families. I hope some time I can visit you at perth, see you again in November with your big families in Bali.

Have a safe journey
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