My second opportunity meet with Pieter

My second opportunity meet with Pieter
Thanks for having me to let me showing you all our beautiful sightseeing at paradise. This time Pieter come with his friends for 3 day trips. Before pick up Pieter at the airport in the afternoon, firstly iam pick up his friends who had first time in Bali, her name is Oi ling. She did cooking class with her husband, and than I pick up Pieter at the airport.

After that we are together go to the villa at seminyak to take a rest for a moments. After 2 hour's I was been waiting Pieter call me and tell me that he and his friends will go to enjoy a sunset a while getting they are dinner at luxury hotel in uluwatu. Next after enjoyed they are beautiful dinner in uluwatu they are back to the villa in Batubelig.

Second trips Pieter start in about 2pm in the afternoon, I'am pick up they are in the restaurant in batubelig area and ready go to Tanah lot temple. Tanahlot is beautiful place to take a picture, Pieter, Oi Ling and her husband not missed this chance and I help they to take some pictures there a while looking arround. Next we are go to echo beach at canggu I think Pieter overheating because very hot weather in Bali right now, he is swim directly in the beach. After that we are back to the villa, enough for today and continue for ubud tour tomorrow.

Third day trips I'am pick up Pieter and his friends 10am in the morning, we are go directly to coffee plantation, Pieter, Oi Ling and her husband try many kind of coffee there. Next we are go to looking wood carving in mas village after a while we are go to gunung kawi temple, Tegalalang rice terrace, ubud palace and ubud market. at ubud market Pieter,Oi Ling and her husband go around looking some handicrafts. After 1,5 hours there that we are ready go to Airport because, Pieter will back this night, but Oi ling and her husband still here continue they are one more holidays in Bali.

After drive Pieter back home, Oi ling and her husband back to villa at seminyak and getting they are dinner before. Its my little memory with Pieter, Oi ling and her husband, thank you so much for your jobs and let me Organize everything trip for 3 days holiday in Bali. Safe flight back to Singapura Pieter and safe flight back to Holand,Belanda for Oi Ling and her husband to night, I hoping will see you again for next visit.
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