Amazing day with Nuno Torgal and friends

Amazing day with Nuno Torgal and friends
Like a dream after seven year of never communicating we are reunited and you come with your spouse for honeymoon. Very happy to be your driver and tour guide again, for this journey different than before.

First trip we are going to Batuan Temple, you're there in about 1 hours so many pictures you taking there after that we are visit Tegalalang Rice Terraces and we are had lunch there. I think you're so tired and told me to taken go to hotel in ubud earlier.

Second day from hotel directly to volcano you're only stop for taking some photos after that you are confused where to go? I suggested to see the eastern bali view and you're agree. On the way you're said the journey too far, I'am smiled to hear that than we are arrived at Water palace.

You're very happy, very surprised and very long time we are spend time there than we go directly to the hotel at Uluwatu.

Lots of other excitement with you Nuno, Regina, Luis and Inez.
I don't know how many picture you take in your holiday this time
I think your mobile phone full with photos
I hope you don't forget your experience in Single fin and sweat memories at Gili Air.

Hopefully to see you again.
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