Batuan Village & Batuan Temple, the Past Relics of Bali Society

Batuan Village & Batuan Temple, the Past Relics of Bali Society

Batuan village is one of the few old villages on the island of Bali. The natural beauty of the village coupled with the homes of people who have hundreds of years old, can be a special attraction for every tourist who visit. In addition Batuan village is also known as one of the artist villages in Bali, especially in the field of painting and sculpture.

The Batuan villagers' house is small, the walls of the house are made of a mixture of unburned clay and wicker webbing that is used as a roof. The house is surrounded by a wall and there is a small gate that can only be passed by one person.

Upon entering the yard of the house, tourists will find a place that is large enough. On the ground scattered small stones that serve to absorb rain water. Some buildings appear to stand firmly despite being hundreds of years old. The buildings have their own functions such as:

  1. Meton home, used as a resting place for the head of the family.
  2. Bale Sakenan and Bale Sekapat used as a bedroom for children.
  3. Bale Dangin, this room serves as a place to relax, living room, and as a place to store family events such as death ceremonies and celebrations.
  4. For prayer facilities have been prepared a small temple located on the left of the yard of the house.

By the time you visit this destination you will feel an atmosphere where as if you are headed for past lives. Even homeowners are still using traditional fireplaces as a tool for daily cooking. In addition to this tourist site there is a temple known as the temple Batuan. Apart from being a holy place, this temple is also very historic.

Based on an inscription, Batuan temple was built in the year saka 944 or 1020 AD which during the Warmadewa dynasty with a king named Aji Sri Dharmawangsa Wardhana. Tourists who visit this Batuan temple will admire the artistic value and the beauty of the ornaments are neatly arranged. Inside the temple there are also relics of ancient objects from prehistoric times.

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