Lake Buyan and Tamblingan, Twin Lake in Bali

Lake Buyan and Tamblingan, Twin Lake in Bali

Lake Tamblingan is located on the northern slope of Mount Lesung, which is precisely in the village area Munduk, Banjar District. The lake is one of two twin lakes formed in a large caldera. It is said to be a twin lake because there are two lakes that are adjacent to each other, namely Tamblingan lake and Buyan lake. Both lakes are limited only by green hills, so if you go to this area then you can visit two lakes at once with a distance that is not too far away. The position of this lake is still in one district in Buleleng Regency and the location is not too far away, making these two lakes worth a visit when you're on vacation to Bali.

Besides as water catchment area because rainfall in this area is high enough, this lake area also developed as environmentally friendly tourist area in order to preserve nature and its environment. The attraction of these two lakes (Lake Buyan and Tamblingan) is its natural charm, there are also many Hindu temples or shrines that hold the history of the development of civilization and Balinese culture, especially regarding the formation and development of the village of Tamblingan, in the 10th to 14th centuries AD.

When you visit Buyan and Tamblingan lakes you will see beautiful scenery of Lake Buyan and Tamblingan with green hills. In addition to beautiful scenery, there is also a good photo location for you to try like a swing with a lake background and green hills.

The atmosphere is still green and the air is very cool will make you feel comfortable in this place. Along the road to Lake Buyan and Tamblingan you will find a group of monkeys on the roadside. You can imagine how the monkey habitat is maintained and these animals live side by side with humans. This will add a wonderful impression of your trip to the lakes of Buyan and Beratan.

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