Pandawa Beach, Hidden Beach in Bali

Pandawa Beach, Hidden Beach in Bali

Pandawa Beach is one of the famous white sand beaches in Bali. This beach is located in the village of Kutuh, Badung regency and more famous among tourists Australia with the name of Secret Beach. While the locals are more familiar with the name of Kutuh beach.

Every tourist visiting the beach in Kutuh village will be amazed by the beach view. Where you will see a clean white sand, calm waves, and free from pollution.

To be able to enter Pandawa beach, you have to pass a road flanked by steep rock cliffs. On this steep cliff there are statues of Panca Pandawa and Kunti that will add a beautiful impression when traveling to the Pandawa beach. Panca Pandawa statue is used as one of the icons of the name Pandawa beach. The range of this beach is about one kilometer, with limited by cliffs which make the beach very popular by tourists.

When you visit this beach you can do various interesting tourist activities. In addition to enjoying the beach directly like swimming, playing water or just taking pictures, you can also relax on the beach by lying under the umbrellas are widely available along the beach Pandawa. If you feel the weather is too hot, maybe you can enjoy coconut ice, to reduce the heat that you feel when you are on the beach Pandawa.

You can also play canoe, where each canoe can be played by a maximum of three people. You do not have to worry while playing canoeing even though you can not swim, because when renting a canoe will always be given a float and along the beach there are several lifeguards that will always keep you safe.

In addition to water tourism that you can enjoy, in this place also many who take advantage of the cliff at the beach Pandawa as a place of paragliding sport. Usually tourists jump from Timbis hill to Pandawa beach.

Facilities on the beach Pandawa is very complete, ranging from a large parking lot, place rinse, toilet and so forth. In addition, information services on the beach is also very good and there is always an ambulance that is always ready to cope with unwanted things.

Aside from being one of the tourist destinations and water sports, Pandawa beach is also used by the local community as a place of seaweed cultivation. This is because Pandawa beach has a sloping beach contours and waves that do not reach the shoreline. With that Pandawa beach is very suitable for seaweed cultivation.

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