Sekumpul Waterfall, Seventh Point Waterfall in Bali

Sekumpul Waterfall, Seventh Point Waterfall in Bali

Sekumpul Waterfall is one of the most famous and beautiful waterfall in Bali. This is because there are more than two waterfalls in adjacent locations and access to the waterfall is still natural, this is what makes Sekumpul waterfall into a unique waterfall and very challenging to visit.

As the name suggests this waterfall is a collection of waterfalls or more precisely seven waterfalls are gathered in one location. Because it has many waterfalls tourists often call it with Seventh Point Waterfall. Unlike tourists, locals call it Pemuatan Waterfall. There are two waterfalls located not far from the main road, while five other waterfalls are located away from the main road.

In the rainy season there are two colors seen in Sekumpul Waterfall. The waterfall on the left will look clear and clean because the water flow comes from the spring above the hills of Sekumpul village. In the opposite condition, the waterfall on the right will look turbid with brownish color due to the flow of water from the river located in Sekumpul village.

Sekumpul Waterfall is located in the Sekumpul village, where the village is included in the district Sawan, Buleleng regency. The best time to visit Sekumpul Waterfall can be determined according to the activity you want done.

If you want to do trekking activities, it is recommended to do in the morning because the chance of rain in the morning is smaller than in the afternoon. You will be hard to travel when the rain comes, usually the road will become very slippery and difficult to pass.

Trekking activities will start from the village of Sudaji, where the village is a village that becomes access to the waterfall entrance. To go to the waterfall Sekumpul, you will take the path as far as 300 meters and down hundreds of stairs, after that you will see a waterfall that has a height of about 100 meters. You can see the beauty of the waterfall with clear water and feel the fresh water in this place.

There are many natural scenery around Sekumpul waterfall, this scenery you can enjoy starting from the beginning of the trip to the location of the waterfall. Along the way you will pass the rice terrace, rustic atmosphere, and green hills.

For those of you who want to travel to Sekumpul Waterfall, it is advisable to use shorts and do not use shoes that have a high right size. This is because you will later cross a fairly deep river to get in front of the waterfall and down hundreds of steep stairs.

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