Green Bowl Beach, Beautiful Hidden Beach in Bali

Green Bowl Beach, Beautiful Hidden Beach in Bali

Green bowl beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. The hidden place between cliffs and trees has its own charm and distinctive features. Green bowl beach is a new beach and still quiet, unlike other beaches in Bali are very crowded.

Green bowl beach is located in the southern Kuta area, Badung, Bali. To get to this tourist destination, you need to down the stairs are quite a lot, which is 328 steps. I'm sure your fatigue down the stairs will disappear when you reach the Green bowl beach.

Green bowl beach or often also called Bali Cliff beach under the Bali Cliff hotel area. The name of Green bowl beach comes from the mention of tourists visiting this tourist destination. According to residents and tourists, this beach is shaped green bowl when the sea water began to recede.

To get into this destination, you need to pay the entrance ticket of tourist destinations. This admission fee will be used as a fund for the improvement of Batu Pageh temple, where the position of this temple is above the Green bowl beach.

There are several facilities that have been provided by the manager here, including public toilets used for bathing and defecating and some stalls in the parking area for a place to buy provisions such as drinking water and so forth.

To maintain the beauty of the beach, the manager of Green bowl beach appealed to visitors to keep the beach clean. In order for a time when visitors come back to this destination, the beauty of the beach is still maintained and can be enjoyed well.

For you who like to surf, you can do your hobby on this beach. The waves at Green bowl beach are big enough, so many foreign tourists are surfing in this place. You can surf at this place until 15:00 local time, this is because after that time, the sea water will begin to recede.

When the sea water has begun to recede, then the beauty of Green bowl beach is visible, the green coral that began to look. At the same time, local fishermen will start fishing at Green bowl beach, they are walking along the beach area to find fish.

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