Uluwatu Temple, Beautiful place to see Kecak Dance and Sunset

Uluwatu Temple, Beautiful place to see Kecak Dance and Sunset

For tourists, Uluwatu temple is a beautiful destination worth visiting. In addition to the uniqueness of the temple Uluwatu built, the natural beauty and culture of Bali to be the attraction of this tourist destination. No wonder if Pura Uluwatu be the best destination in Bali.

Uluwatu temple stands on a steep cliff, with a height of about 72 meters above the coast of the Indian Ocean. The position of the temple adjacent to the beach makes this tourist destination impressed beautiful and unique. I am sure you will be happy to visit this Uluwatu tourist destination.

If you like monkeys, the tourist destinations are also inhabited by monkeys, such as Ubud Monkey Forest and Sangeh Monkey Forest. But the monkey population at Uluwatu temple is not as much compared to Ubud Monkey Forest and Sangeh Monkey Forest.

Uluwatu Temple is the best place to see the beautiful sunset. Being on a high cliff, the beauty of the setting sun is not blocked by anything. The cliff relief and architecture of Balinese temple building combined with the beautiful sunset will make your trip memorable.

Not quite up there, Uluwatu temple has a cultural destination that you can enjoy. After sunset, you can enjoy the beauty of Kecak Dance which is the result of Balinese culture. This unique dance will make you comfortable at Pura Uluwatu tourist destination.

Kecak Dance is played by 50 to 100 dancers, where most of the dancers are male. In the dance, Kecak dancers wear a sarong that has a combination of black, white, and red. In the performances dancers will sit in a circle. Kecak dance takes the story of the ethos of Ramayana, where the dance is synonymous with the sound "cak ... cak ... cak" spoken in reply by male dancers.

You can enjoy the beauty of Kecak Dance at 18.10 until 19.00 local time. Make sure you do not miss Kecak Dance if you visit Uluwatu Temple.

To be able to visit Uluwatu Temple, you will be charged entrance ticket. In addition to admission, if you want to watch Kecak Dance then you also have to buy admission tickets to enjoy Kecak Dance.

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