Tanah Lot temple, best tourist destination in Bali to see the sunset

Tanah Lot temple, best tourist destination in Bali to see the sunset

Tanah Lot temple Bali is the best destination to see the beauty of the sunset. It is different with other tourist destinations in Bali, where the tourist destination Tanah Lot temple has a unique sunset view that is a blend of beautiful sunset and unique location of the founding of the temple of Tanah Lot Bali.

In addition to the Tanah Lot Temple, another great tourist destination in Bali to enjoy the beautiful sunset is Uluwatu Temple and Jimbaran Sunset.

The temple of Tanah Lot Bali was built on a large rock in the sea. In a tidal sea state, Tanah Lot Temple will appear to be in the middle of the sea. This is what makes this tourist destination worth your visit if you visit Bali.

In addition to seeing the beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot beach, the beautiful siloet caused by Tanah Lot Temple at sunset will be a rare sight that you should not miss. It takes time the next day to get this beautiful moment, so do not miss the beauty of the sunset at Pura Tanah Lot.

Tanah Lot Temple tour destination is also often used as a place for pre wedding photos. The uniqueness of the temple and the beauty of the sunset will add a romantic and beautiful nuance on the results of your pre wedding photos. So if you currently want to get married, you can choose this destination as a place to do prewedding photos.

The best time to visit Tanah Lot Temple is around 17:00 local time. From that time, you will get the start of the sunset process until the sun is fully set. So make sure you arrive at this tourist destination just in time.

The sunset time will be different every day. But do not worry, there is a site that you can use to know the sunset time in Bali. You can visit this link to see the sunset time in Bali.

To get into the tourist destination of Tanah Lot temple Bali, you will be charged entrance ticket that is charged for every visitor either from domestic tourists or foreign tourists.

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