Water Blow Nusadua Bali, Perfect Place to see the beautiful waves

Water Blow Nusadua Bali, Perfect Place to see the beautiful waves

Water Blow is one of the natural destinations that can be enjoyed in the area Nusadua Bali. Water Blow is located in the area of BTDC (Bali Toursm Development Corporation), located behind the Grand Hyatt Hotel. To get to this tourist destination, you can walk into Panisula Island area. Along the way to Water Blow, you can enjoy the beautiful gardens, then enjoy the white sandy beaches, and across the grass field with statues of Arjuna and Krisna.

To visit the Water Blow, there is no entrance fee you need to spend, so you can enjoy this destination for free. But for those of you who want to do shooting sessions as well as pre wedding photo session, then you must first report to the manager BTDC.

This tourist attraction is not a beach because the one here is the beauty of black and sharp rocks. Among the corals there is a narrow gap where when big waves come crashing through the gap then the waves with white foam will soar into the air. This moment is highly anticipated by tourists and the main attraction of Water Blow.

The bigger the waves that come and hit the rocks, the higher and more beautiful also the waves that you can enjoy. But not every time the beauty of the waves can you enjoy in this place, in certain months when the weather is calm and the sea waves are not so big, then the blast of the waves could not be seen. But do not worry, this destination is still beautiful to visit to see the beauty of the sea and other sea beauty.

To keep you safe in visiting the tourist attractions of Water Blow, then you must follow some instructions given by the managers of tourist destinations. Here are some instructions that you can follow while visiting water blow.

  1. You are forbidden to swim in this place because the waves are dangerous and the current is very strong.
  2. Waves in water blow is very dangerous and high.
  3. In addition to the cliffs at the edge of the beach is very steep and has a slippery rock and sharp.

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