Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Best place to enjoy unique rice fields

Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Best place to enjoy unique rice fields
Tegalalang rice terrace is one of the best destinations in Bali that presents beautiful rice fields. Unlike the rice fields in general, the rice fields in this place is terraced with Balinese irrigation system or called by Subak.

Tegalalang rice terrace is located in Dusun Ceking, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency. Because of its location, this destination is also often referred to as the Ceking Rice Terrace. In addition to Tegalalang rice terrace, similar tourist destinations in Bali can be found in Tabanan district. Where this destination is named Jatiluwih Rice Terrace.

For those of you who currently want to tour to Bali, you can choose Tegalalang Rice Terrace tourist destination as one of your preferred destination. At this location you will feel very relaxed with the feel of nature is very friendly and still very natural.

Residents in this area are very guarding their fields, in addition to attract tourists who want to visit Bali, swah also they use to meet daily needs. Where the crops they earn are partly used to meet their basic needs and some are sold to meet other needs.

As with any natural tour in general, there will be a certain cycle that becomes the feel of a visit to this destination to be slightly different. At Tegalalang Rice Terrace you can see the activities of Balinese farmers when doing rice seedlings up to harvest, depending on the time of your visit to this destination.

Do not worry about not getting the best spot to see the beauty of rice fields in this place, because in this place many restaurants or spots that you can use to see the beautiful rice fields. While enjoying the natural beauty, you can also enjoy the dishes served in the restaurant or spot that is around Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

I am sure you will not get bored in this tourist destination, because tourist destinations like this can only be found in Bali and the feel of nature here will make you feel very comfortable.

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